Google Cloud Launches Filestore: High Scale Storage Option for HPC Based workloads

Google bought Elastifile, the company that pioneered a technology that revolves around high speed computing, back in 2019. Now the results of the acquisition have started to come up as Google announced a new tier storage option called Filestore High Scale in its Filestore tier of Google cloud. The new option provides storage solutions for those individuals who can benefit from distributed high-performance storage options.

It is based on the technology employed by Elastifile. It allows users to deploy a shared file system with hundreds of thousands of IOPS (input/output operations per second), which allows up to double-figure throughput at a scale of hundreds of TB.

According to Techcrunch, the primary use case of such a versatile high-speed storage solution is in research-based working environments. The users who have already used the new service describe it as an easy to manipulate service that can handle the load generated by thousands of clients who have hundreds of thousands of virtual CPUs.

It should be noted that most of the features present above are already supported by different options in the Filestore storage tier. However, Google emphasized today that the Filestore High Scale is specifically built for HPC workloads. In today’s announcement, the company focused on the use cases around the research on COVID 19.

Lastly, Google announced that all Filestore tiers now offer Beta support of NFS IP-based access controls that can provide necessary security protocols for those companies that have advanced security requirements on top of HPC.

Mohsin Naeem

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