First Fallout 76 Mods Include Hair Coloring, Visual Tweaks and more

The start of November saw the very first Fallout 76 mods go live on Nexus Mods. Shortly after the beta tests began, modders got to work and have since released 20 mods for the game. Some of these are simple retexture mods for items like the Pip-Boy, while others improve the game’s visuals slightly.

The SweetHD mod by kkthebeast makes the game less blurry and improves the overall color space. Justifying the quick release, the mod author says it is “left over crap from the FO4 release” which checks out with another modder’s statement. Speaking with EuroGamer, modder Neeher says,“the core of Fallout 76 is basically identical to Fallout 4” and that “the game assets are packaged exactly the same way too”. Neeher has already completed work on a few Fallout 76 mods, including one that changes the in-game map to look more like the Fallout 4 map.

Although mod support has been confirmed for Fallout 76, the developers announced at E3 that it won’t be available at launch. Notably, all the mods currently available for the game are client-side, meaning other players won’t be able to see your tacky hairstyles if you decide to use MotherofdeathclawsHairspray mod.

Hairspray mod
Hairspray mod

As microtransactions for cosmetics have been confirmed for Fallout 76, it’ll be interesting to see Bethesda’s stance towards mods which offer the same thing for free. Modder Neeher is of the opinion that “this type of modding may prove a threat to them”.  Judging from how fast the Fallout 76 modding community is growing, we can expect to hear from Bethesda regarding this topic very soon.

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