AMD Athlon 200GE Priced At 55$ With 2C/4T Does Wonders In Price To performance Ratio – Gets Over 30 FPS In Fortnite Beating The Core i3

Recently AMD had announced it’s Ryzen Pro variants for the 2nd generation CPU’s along with which came a very different reveal of the Athlon 200GE, you can read more about the announcement here.

The Athlon 200GE would not amaze anyone until you take a look at the price tag, at $55 US it is an extremely affordable CPU for budget PCs who’s purpose is no more than web surfing, preparing documents, and even running light games here and there which makes it kind of perfect for a family environment.

With hyperthreading enabled, it has 4 logical cores and 2 physical cores, in other words, it’s a dual core processor with 4 threads. Which are clocked at 3.2 GHz with a 5MB cache. It wouldn’t be a complete solution without an integrated GPU, although the Radeon GPU only has 3 compute units, it is there at such a low price.
The processor is built for the AM4 platform so it has a wide variety of motherboards you can pick from and you could upgrade to a Ryzen anytime you wish to using the same motherboard. This is going to be one of the first Zen architecture CPUs which would be locked, meaning there will be no room to overclock this CPU.

AMD is comparing the performance of the Athlon 200GE to that of the Pentium G4560, which is not great by today’s standards, but again you won’t get anything better at this price point and Athlon 200GE beats the Pentium in the price department.

Synthetic Benchmarks-

Excel 2016 Athlon 200GE Benchmarks
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Cinebench R15 Athlon 200GE Benchmarks
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7-Zip Athlon 200GE Benchmarks
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Gaming Benchmarks

Dota 2 Athlon 200GE Benchmarks
Source –
Fortnite Athlon 200GE Benchmarks
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Source –
Source –
Source –

With these benchmarks, Athlon 200GE comes out to be a complete solution for low-end budget gaming, where you can get both an integrated GPU capable of running AAA games like Star Wars Battlefront II at a playable FPS with room to upgrade later in the future, whenever you decide to get a dedicated GPU. Couple that with the fact that you can upgrade to any AM4 platform CPU without having to change the motherboard while using it.

Other than that the Athlon 200GE  allows you to play competitive games like Fortnite, CSGO, Overwatch and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege at this budget line making entry-level gaming cheaper than it has ever been, giving you decent performance although at lower graphical fidelity but at a much lower price!

Judging from the benchmarks conducted by Techspot, it is apparent that the Athlon 200GE is a very worthy contender for the low-end CPU market, even beating the i3-8100 in gaming and coming extremely close to it in other synthetic benchmarks, which sits at around $120 US. Although unlocking the card for overclocking would have made it even better but AMD has been silent about the reasons for locking the card out. All the benchmarks were conducted by Techspot, you can see their very comprehensive review of the Athlon 200GE here.


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